How to pack for a 24hr business trip

wooliesBeing able to pack successfully is a gift which, simply put, some have and others do not. But fear not, we have some tips for those of you who are on the overkill train:

Step 1: Jump online and visit your airline’s website and check their baggage restrictions. Make sure that you travel with a bag that you don’t have to check in so that you save yourself time.

Step 2: Read your itinerary.

  • What time is your first meeting? If it is within 30 minutes of stepping off the tarmac, then you will not have time to change so keep the trackies for the flight home.
  • Are you going to be in meetings all day or is there some down time? If it is the former, swimmers and a beach towel are probably unnecessary.
  • See if you are likely to have dinner plans. If you know that you have a dinner function to attend then we grant you permission to pack your ball gown, otherwise you will most likely not even reach your hotel room to change, before you shovel down a much needed ’12 hours later’ meal.

Step 3: Cut down what you already have

  • Toiletries: unless you are very specific with your beauty regime, most hotels these days have quality soaps and shampoos so you shouldn’t need to carry your own 500ml bottles.
  • Shoes: how many do you realistically need? You already know what you are wearing so one pair of going out shoes and flight shoes should suffice. For those with heels of steel, just the one pair will do too.
  • More than one jacket is usually unnecessary. Think about it.
  • Entertainment material: unless you have invested in a tablet of some sort, books are not really recommended. Not only do they take quite a bit of space, but reading them within a 24 hour event seems unlikely. Read the in-flight magazine or buy yourself a thin Sudoku booklet instead if you think you will have a spare moment.

Step 4: Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything

  • A pair of underwear, your driver’s license/ passport, a credit card and a USB with any important files that you may need (or a password for Dropbox if you have planned ahead). That’s it really isn’t it? It’s 24 hours after all!

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