Hamilton Island App

hamiltonFrom daily events to shuttle bus and ferry timetables, the Hamilton Island iPhone App is a must for anyone visiting the beautiful destination.

The app also contains Audio Tours of walks that can be taken on the Island and a complete overview of each activity available.

With the guest’s best interest in mind during its development, the Hamilton Island team created what is said to be the most comprehensive destination guide in the marketplace.


Free from the App Store.

Available On

iPhone and iPad with an Android version coming soon.

Why We Love It

This is a fantastic little app that has daily itineraries of what’s happening on Hamilton Island and also contains special offers for travellers to use during their stay.

The most impressive section is the interactive map that contains information on all of the available activities, hotels and restaurants on Hamilton Island, whilst the Emergency section has advice on cyclone procedures and medical service locations.

Lost in Translation

Although already a ‘Featured App’ on the App Store, the Hamilton Island app is still very new which means that some of its features aren’t fully uploaded yet, but it’s good to know that the team is working on locating every public restroom!

Designed For

Guests staying on Hamilton Island who want to have up to date knowledge of activities and entertainment spots on the Island.

We Rate It

9/10 but definitely has the potential to be bumped up the final notch once everything is complete.

Click here to read this on eTravel Blackboard.

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