Family vacations leading the way in 2013

Where will you go this year? Image: pixabay

What will be the driving force of tourism in 2013? Should you search the internet or look through a friend of a friend’s Facebook next time you need travel inspiration? Will you be flying for the beach or the Botox?

According to Cheapflights’ six predictions for travel in 2013, family vacations are high on the list for many travellers across the globe:

Joining forces with parents

  • Whether it is to catch up or to share the wallet duties, Cheapflights predicts that parents and their children will join forces for more extended family holidays. To ensure that the kids have others their own age to play with and that dad doesn’t break a hip at that new theme park that you have been eyeing, make sure that there are plenty of activities available for all on the trip.

Books will be replaced by Facebook

  • With people documenting every minute of their day, it’s of no surprise that Facebook and its social media counterpart’s are the new travellers guide. No longer do you need to look through black and white pages of an outdated 400 page book or sort through the real and the real nuts commentators on review sites to find your next dream holiday. A little bit of flicking through friend’s uploads can provide just as much information on what you are looking for and will likely be more honest and relevant than what you would otherwise read elsewhere.

Technology will be laid down

  • More holiday goers will be letting their palm sized technology rest whilst they enjoy a bit of quiet time themselves. Cheapflights predicts that travellers will be choosing more places with less Wi-Fi in the hopes of recharging before submitting to information overload upon their return to post holiday life.

Baba holidays

  • What do you get when you put together an excellent exchange rate, a need to acquire more stuff and a holiday? A bag-a-bargain holiday! Whether it is for Botox or a new pair of boots, travellers are now more inclined to choose their holidays based on the quality of shopping or medical procedures, available at the destination.

Sports and events tourism

  • Fancy seeing your favourite band on a reunion concert in London, or perhaps celebrating the life and death of a poet in their hometown? Once in a lifetime trips that centre around a significant event are said to become a major drive in tourism. No longer is getting away from it all the reason to take a holiday, now travellers will be looking for a reason to go somewhere!

The big spenders will emerge

  • Several cashed up groups will be researching dream itineraries this year including those that are expecting a big change in their lives, such as the birth of a baby, and those that have just experienced a big change such as quitting their job for some soul searching. Also on the big spenders list are people who have been saving up and are now inspired by major 2012 destinations such as London and the destinations that are about to change forever such as Rio. To round off the list, parents of children under two are likely to take that final splurgetastic holiday before their infant turns into a children/ money maker in the eyes of the travel industry.

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