Vintage guitar destroyed after Delta check-in

Dave Schneider with his new guitar. Image:

Gibson has come to the rescue after hearing that a 1963 Gibson ES-335 TD guitar was severely damaged after being check in with Delta Airlines.

Dave Schneider wanted to carry on his vintage guitar, however was advised that he would have to check it in when flying with Delta to Detroit, Business Wire reported.

Upon landing, Mr Schneider was informed that the guitar was crushed between a service elevator and loading dock at the gate.

Delta offered to compensate Mr Schneider $1,000, however he declined the offer most likely due to the guitar’s $10,000 price tag.

Upon learning of the incident, Gibson itself put in an offer for Mr Schneider: to come into the Gibson New York Showroom and pick up a new ES-335.

Gibson chief executive Henry Juszkiewicz said that the company felt sympathy for the musician and believed that “it was only right to replace his guitar”.

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