Retiring Aussies heading to Malaysia

Wake up to something better Image: Tourism Malaysia

Retiring is a step in life that we either look forward to or dread, but the idea of getting old just got better with Malaysia being ranked the third best country to retire in.

Based on such factors as health facilities, overall cost of living and benefits for retirees, gave Malaysia bronze (Ecuador came in first and Panama second), with those surveyed making special mentions for the country’s great restaurants, tropical climate and entertainment value.

Those who have already set up their homes in Malaysia said that English being widely spoken made it easier for them to become accustomed to their new lives as well as make friends.

Moreover, the excellence of medical services, as well as their reduced price tags, made Malaysia an even bigger draw card for those wanting to relax and perhaps rehabilitate.

To help make Malaysia an easier choice for people to retire in, a program named ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ has been set up which allows travellers a renewable 10-year Social Visit Pass, making eternal sunshine and laksa just a few clicks away.

Click here to read this on eTravel Blackboard.

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