Qantas leaves the American Staffordshire Terrier behind

Should some breeds be restricted from flying? Image: fotopedia

Qantas made headlines in 2012, there’s no doubt about it, and it looks like this year will be no different with the first mass complaint to the company: let the American staffies fly!

Whilst the American Staffordshire terrier has been on the ‘no flying list’ for ten years, a petition created on website less than three weeks ago has already gathered more than 3000 signatures in the hopes of making Qantas allow this one, of six, breeds get aboard Australian air Express – the Qantas owned carrier used to transport animals.

Using social media to help fuel the campaign, a Facebook page and a Twitter account have also been created for the cause, whilst some went straight to the boss and complained on Qantas’ own Facebook site.

Petition creator Pauline Steele said that since the staffies were not a restricted breed in Australia, they should not be banned from flying and that Qantas services should create better procedures that would allow all animals to travel safely.

However, a Qantas spokesperson said the safety of those involved in any handling of animals was the first priority and Qantas restricted breeds that are traditionally considered aggressive and highly agitated.

The spokesperson added that “certain breeds of animals are not permitted to fly on flights over a certain time period due to respiratory issues”.

Click here to read this on eTravel Blackboard.

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