Mile High sightings moving outside the lavatories

To join the Mile High Club, a little more effort is required.

Travellers are seeing more than just clouds at 35,000 feet, according to a new study, which found 15 percent of respondents from Asia Pacific claiming to have witnessed some form of sexual conduct on board an aircraft.

Research conducted by travel search site, Wego, highlighted that while most report the ‘usual’ exclusive audio production coming from inside the bathroom, under the blanket action and blatant straddling in business class, were becoming frequent sightings.

The legality of the acts depends on the individual country laws and the visibility of it all, which is perhaps why most respondents were more amused and surprised, with only a few admitting to being part of the statistic.

From the tame to the tigers, here are the top ten entries into the mile high club:

  • An unsuspecting flyer was asked to join the mile high club by a stranger whilst waiting in line at the toilet
  • A suggestive lipstick message on a toilet mirror unexpectedly viewed by an elderly lady when the young man ahead of her (for whom it was intended), allowed her to use the bathroom first
  • Passengers were left very distracted after two girls emerged quite ruffled from a toilet
  • An ex-cabin crew member discovered two men in a wheelchair closet
  • A man said his girlfriend was so upset by the turbulence on a flight to New Zealand that she demanded he accompany her to the bathroom and ‘distract’ her
  • A couple were flat out under the blankets stretched across three seats
  • A couple hadn’t locked the door properly only to fall out on the floor half naked to the amusement and applause of the entire aircraft
  • In-flight lap dances on a buck’s party trip
  • An older man carrying a life size female inflatable doll that he purchased a seat for
  • Frightened passengers reported a strange noise in the overhead locker, only to discover it to be an operating vibrator in a woman’s handbag

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