$300k Aston Martin allegedly damaged at Qantas valet in Adelaide

Watch out James Bond, rats have taken an interest in Aston Martins! Image: AlBargan

Apparently our local rats have improved their tastes from old cheese to Aston Martins.

An Adelaide liquidator, Ian Lock, is alleging that his two week old, $300k, Aston Martin sustained $9000 worth of damage to its internal electronics system after Mr Locke left the vehicle with the Qantas valet service at Adelaide Airport on 16 August last year.

Mr Lock is now seeking $9297 in compensation and court costs after Qantas failed to respond to him in writing, claiming responsibility, Adelaide Now reported.

Clearly not content with the level of service from several of Qantas’ departments, Mr Locke, a Platinum One Frequent Flyer with Qantas, says that he will now be flying with Virgin.

Qantas have responded to the case by saying that whilst Mr Lock’s frustration was understandable, they will be opposing the claim in court.

A Qantas spokesperson said that they have had the suspect area investigated by an independent pest control, who found no evidence of rats, and state that there is nothing to indicate that the damage sustained to Mr Lock’s car was at the Qantas car park.

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