Chatime has locations all around Australia. Here is the one that I went to: LG Shop 72/429-481 George St Sydney, NSW, 2000

In Sydney there are quite a few places that offer ‘drinks to go’. These vary from the ice crushes of Boost Juice to the pearl teas of Easyway. Chatime is closest to Easyway as it serves teas and fruit drinks in different flavours with the option of adding extra’s such as pearls and jellies into the drink.

I decided to try the Grape Smoothie. Now I would consider this more of a frappe than a smoothie, but either way it had all the elements of an icy drink: ice and syrup – what else do you need?

Grape Smoothie

The drink was not sickeningly sweet and had bits of grape throughout which added an interesting texture. It was also watery enough to remain drinkable throughout the entire serving, so I didn’t have to wait for half an hour before I could take another sip.

My only recommendation with this one is to get the regular size rather than the large, because although the drink is very refreshing, the flavour is quite strong and got a little overpowering towards to bottom of the cup.

Grape Smoothie (Large): $5

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