Mad Mex

Max Mex can be found in various locations around Australia, I had my lunch at Westfield Sydney Central Plaza, 450 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

When getting Mexican I usually go for the burrito, but this time, wanting to be different and all, I decided to try the Crispy Tacos.

And so I made my way to Mad Mex and joined the lunchtime queue where I debated a few more times with myself on whether I should go crispy or perhaps try the soft shells. Ultimately I decided to stick to my original plan as I figured that a soft shelled taco would be the same as a burrito, minus the ends being folded over.

As I finally approached the server, I requested the Crispy Tacos with Carne Asada (Steak), Spicy Babacoa (the super spicy topping) and lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese and guacamole for the filling. The next step was finding a seat in the busy Westfield food court!

Having won the battle of human versus food court, I settled into my seat and stared at my meal – how am I going to eat it? How am I even going to pick it up so that I get to taste the lot and not just be left with a salad and some corn chips?

3 Crispy Tacos and a Jarritos

At the end, all it took was courage: I got my hands together, picked up the first taco, tilted my head to the left and took a big bite. From there I continued the struggle of falling meats and dripping sauces as I cursed myself for not getting a fork and more napkins.

The actual taco however was great – the meat was tender and full of flavour, the shell and the soft fillings complemented each other in a way that made every bite unique and the guacamole smoothed the entire experience out.

Being forkless, the bits of shell that broke off also proved to be a good eating tool as they doubled up as nachos of some sort. Also, I steered clear of the tacos before because I didn’t think that they would be filling enough, but I am now happy to say that I was satisfied by the end of the meal. The chilli and the challenge of them might have contributed to my little tacos being enough, but either way unless you are a really big eater or are starving, the meal should be sufficient for at least lunch.

But be warned – this is not a sexy meal. If you are trying to impress someone and are on a first date or heaven forbid a business meeting, DO NOT GET THIS MEAL! I personally had a lot of fun eating the tacos as I thought of them more like a challenge and I am generally a messy eater, but if you are out in public and care about what part of your face the sauce ends up on, then either grab a fork (in which case you might as well get nachos) or stick to a naked burrito (a salad).

To authenticate my Mexican experience I also ordered a Pineapple flavoured Jarritos (Mexican soft drink) which was very sweet but did a good job of taking the heat off the spicy tacos.

Crispy Tacos (3): $9.90

Guacamole: $2

Jarritos: $4.20

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