Sushi Jung

2/194 Bondi Rd
Bondi NSW

If you’re feeling like sushi, but want a little bit more than just a row of rolls, then why not try a Japanese Bento Box – a lunchbox of sorts that has everything from meats to salads and rice.

I decided to get my Bento Box from Sushi Jung, a small Japanese shop in the middle of Bondi Road. Not feeling particularly meaty, I ordered some prawns with the spicy homemade sauce. I asked for the Value Set, rather than the Bento Set as the latter was very big and probably would have been enough for two.

Dining In

My freshly cooked meal came out shortly, dressed in a bento box, sticky taped on all four sides and in a big blue bag that both ensured that it didn’t topple over sideways whilst I carried it, as well as protected my food from the rain that was beginning to drizzle.

Coming home and opening the box was an absolute treat – everything looked so pretty! I began with the prawn nigiri which was tightly wrapped in a piece of seaweed. This piece was obviously quite average as I don’t think you can really make a piece of prawn and rice anything but that. Next came the seaweed salad, which was also similar to what you would find in other Japanese places, however it didn’t have the chilli pieces which (although I love my chilli) I don’t think belong in such a dish.

Spicy Homemade Sauce with Prawns Value Set

The other salad was actually quite tasty as it had this delicious dressing that made the strips of leaf and vegetable come to life and would probably entice even the pickiest eaters.

My final step was the main dish: the prawns. As I love my sauces, I folded in the sesame seeded rice into the dish to ensure that everything was covered in the homemade spicy sauce that was so plentiful. The sauce itself was very good – a combination of a sweet and smooth consistency that added a bit of a kick at the end. The cabbage contributed some texture to the otherwise soft rice, whilst the prawns were cooked to perfection.

If you want to try something different that won’t break the bank, I would definitely recommend this!

Spicy Homemade Sauce with Prawns Value set: $14.90

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