Sydney Interactive Theatre

Setting the Scene

Imagine sitting at work doing some typing, or maybe washing some dishes in the kitchen, perhaps you were going for a run, before that fateful call comes through – Donnie and Rose have narrowly escaped being caught, as they were pulling off their final $50 million heist, by Tony the mobster and now Donnie is calling on you to help him reunite with his love and some hard-earned cash.

Who is this strange man lurking in the streets?

I received such a call the day before I thought my life would entail an adventure like this one, Donnie seemed in a rush but managed to tell me where my secret meeting spot was and advised that I should keep my head low as the mafia was onto me. All I’m going to reveal is that it is in The Rock’s area.

The next day I followed his instructions and met at the base of a stairs overlooking Sydney Harbour where a few other ‘Messengers’ were also waiting anxiously. Our group consisted of four 20-year-olds, two older (than us) couples who came to Sydney on a day trip, myself and another young lady: I think we can help Donnie without getting shot!

Now Donnie himself was a man of mystery who seemed very paranoid and concerned that some of us had worn loud dresses, or were actually loud, as $50 million and his Rose were dependent on us solving various clues. And so the search for Rose began as he handed us a folder of picture clues that would help us find his companion.

The Messengers, as recruited by Donnie

This was actually a very interesting part as it forced us to look up and notice various sculptures here and artworks there, which we otherwise would have missed. It also allowed us to find a few of those that would help us get to Rose – all dressed up in their 1920’s gear of course.

As our journey continued, we saw magic tricks and solved puzzles, drank beer and ate spring rolls, almost talked to a real homeless man instead of someone from Donnie’s gang and annoyed a few hotel staff.

Each of Donnie’s partners were fantastically developed characters which helped us feel like we truly were part of a secret mission and the people in our group helped make the game/theatre/tour/pub crawl more enjoyable as I watched each of them react to the clues and the tasks in a more and more drunken manner as the day progressed.

Will this chap help us find Rose?

For a fun time out on the town, this is something worth looking into as it is so different to the usual tours or races/ scavenger hunts that you may otherwise find. I would recommend going with at least a few friends so that you can laugh at each other, wear comfortable shoes and leave the walking sticks at home as there are stairs and hills involved. Also leave the kids at home – this is adult fun!

Runs multiple times every Saturday until mid-April 2013.

Book in quick as groups consist of only 10 people and this will start selling out once everyone realises how interesting this is.

Approximately 2 hours although I think we took 2.5 (my bad… can’t read maps!).

Cost: $59 (includes 2 drinks and some finger food)

Click here to see full photo gallery on Facebook.

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