Rubber Duck at Darling Harbour

Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman

Sydney has many icons: the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach to name a few, and now we have one more, although temporary – a giant Rubber Duck.

Rubber Duck Waddling in Darling Harbour

Floating on Darling Harbour’s sunny waters throughout the Sydney Festival in January, the Rubber Duck is certainly attracting it’s fair share of viewers as the exhibit puts life into perspective … actually it doesn’t at all, it’s just a bit of fun; it’s a giant duck!

The creation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman (Google him – his work is amazing), has added an extra bit of sunshine to Sydney and excited even us locals who have seen the ‘Big’ this and the ‘Massive’ that which are scattered throughout Australia.


So if you ever needed an excuse to come down to Sydney then this is probably it because this isn’t just a duck… it’s a FIVE stories HIGH, FIVE stories WIDE bright yellow INFLATABLE Rubber Duck!

Click here to see full photo gallery on Facebook.

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