Charlie & Co. Burgers

The Sydney Room, Westfield Sydney Level 5, Corner Market & Castlereagh St, Sydney, 2000

Charlie & Co. Burgers is a small restaurant that is tucked away in the Westfield Sydney food court that I might have missed if I wasn’t on a hunt for something ‘different’ to have for lunch.

Noticing that there was a bit of a queue I was at first concerned but then realised that everyone had already been served before I even had a chance to decide on my burger. Wanting something special, I finally went to order The Charlie Wagyu Burger and Parmesan and Truffle Fries.

Watching the burgers get made

Whilst waiting for my burger to be freshly made, I watched as burger after burger was moved down the assembly line of chefs, each adding a generous condiment or a piece of grilled meat to the freshly baked brioche sesame bun, with the cheese melted on top.

Soon, I was lucky enough to receive one of those burger’s which was passed on to me by the friendly counter staff. I must admit I was excited as I could see the parmesan on the chips and the burger had the healthy golden glow of just having gone though a toaster.

The Charlie Wagyu Burger and Parmesan and Truffle Fries

The first impressions are good, so it’s time to bite in. Firstly, yes it was delicious, but blood fearers beware: the meat was red. Not to say that I would classify it as rare and that blood was dripping down my sleeves, but the meat was very red so those who do not like the sight of such should stay clear of this burger. The meat itself was excellent – it was juicy and soft and was complemented very well by beetroot spread, pickled gherkins and aioli.

Meat Seats: Nothing Goes to Waste!

Although the main dish was of course the burger, it was the fries that really excited my taste buds. Cooked to crispy perfection, every bite resulted in an audible crunch. The truffle and the parmesan made for a unique topping that made me wonder how I could ever go back to eating sea salt chips. I think that it was also the texture of the cheese crumbs that made the fries so unique and worth coming back to Charlie & Co, even if it’s for just them (the portion was big enough for two and the deliciousness made up for the $8 spent on a lunchtime side dish).

The Charlie Wagyu Burger: $13

Parmesan and Truffle Fries: $8

Total: $21

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