Boost Juice

Boost Juice can be found in most shopping centre’s in Australia (I think and hope)

Since the year 2000, Boost Juice has been a staple of Australian culture. With several green stores scattered around each suburb, an icy juice can be anything from a filling breakfast to a refreshing sunny Sunday afternoon drink. Clearly I have had my fair share of Boosts so how is today any different? Well, as I got off the train and headed towards the juice bar, my criteria was that I had to get whatever the ‘new’ drink was.

That drink happened to be ‘Credit Card Crush’: freshly juiced watermelon, tropical juice, sorbet and ice, named in honour of their competition (I think) where I now have the chance to win $10k – fingers crossed!

My Credit Card Crush

Although I’m not a fan of tropical juice, I do love my watermelon so I was very grateful that I would be starting what was potentially a 45 degree Sydney day with some refreshing red sugary goodness. Getting my order before I had a chance to put the camera away, I must admit I wasn’t wrong: the drink was indeed delicious and definitely hit any sugar cravings well out of the ring. I probably would have preferred apple juice instead (I think that’s essentially a Watermelon Crush), however the tropical juice did create a smoother drink and cut down on the acidity of the watermelon.

My only disappointment was that about a fifth of the way into the drink, I hit the dreaded ice and my juice turned into something that a spoon would be more appropriate for than a straw. Not wanting to slurp my way around the office, I left my Boost to melt a bit and was then able to still enjoy a chilled fruity drink.

Credit Card Crush (Original): $6.00

It was a little hot…..


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