Wellington Cakes

157 Bondi Road, Bondi, 2026

Having had a late breakfast, and it being a scorcher of a Sydney day, I decided that my lunchtime experience should be that of a dessert.

Walking down Bondi Road, I noticed that there aren’t actually a lot of dessert specialising places. There are offcourse café’s that sell deserts and bakeries that have the odd cup cake, but what really tickled my fancy at 36 degrees Celsius was ice-cream.

Other Options

Technically, Wellington Cakes is known for their bagels and strudels and other (in my opinion overpriced) such delicacies. But I was here for something cold and not too heavy.

Looking at the range of ice-cream options, I was actually quite surprised. There was rum and raisin, bubble gum and mint white chocolate, pineapple and ‘stracciatella’ (Italian for vanilla and chocolate). Now you may wonder why this is so surprising, but the fact is that this is a very small shop that prides itself on bagels so the ice-cream selection is a bonus.

Blackforest and Chilli Chocolate Double Cone

I decided to try the less obvious options and went for a double cone of blackforest and chilli chocolate.

Blackforest: This was a very refreshing ice-cream as the vanilla was cool and the cherries were sweet with a distinct sourness at the end. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they were maraschino cherries which, for those with a sweet and sour tooth, makes for a delicious impact on the ice-cream taste and texture.

Chilli Chocolate: Definitely different. It was VERY thick, so much so that I could actually bite into it without the remains ending up on my white shirt. The chilli taste was not too strong so it is perfect for someone who just wants a bit of a kick in their cream without having to race for the water.

Combined the flavours really complemented each other as I was able to enjoy the rich chilli chocolate with a sweet refreshing chaser that was the blackforest.

Total: $5.90

4 thoughts on “Wellington Cakes

    1. Cricket's Aunty Post author

      It is indeed worth a visit! It kind of tasted like the chilli hot chocolate from San Churro, except in ice cream form. By the way if you haven’t tried that hot chocolate then you absolutely MUST! The heat from both the temperature and the chilli make a tongue tingling beverage… I also bought Byron Bay Chilli from Kemenys so you can stock up on your chilli bottles there 🙂 The chocolate shop a little further down Bondi Road also has chilli chocolate, I didn’t try their’s but here’s what I wrote on the shop anyway – House Of Chocolate


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