B.U Organics

36 Ebley Street, Bondi Junction, 2022

This might sound a little strange, but their’s something almost natural about going into an organic shop that’s housed in a stripped down place where the ground is still grey and most of the products are displayed in their cartons.

It’s not something that you would normally notice, in fact you would expect all shops to be neatly manicured and have stuff in uniform with beautiful hair, especially if it’s a health food store. But this place is different. Almost raw.

Organic Onions

Now I must admit that organic food is not at the top of my food shopping list, but walking into B.U Organics made the healthy stuff seem somewhat more accessible. There were jars of honey and rows of vegetables, the herbs you could smell a step away (something not particularly common at your local Woolies) and the eggs were plentiful and naturally free range.

I came across items that I had never heard of, such as Himalayan Crystal Rocks and Organic Marshmallow Root as well and also found Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and even Dried Tomatoes. There were books about health and even dietary supplements for those wanting to look good at the gym without the odd airport dog on their case.

Packets of Dried Bananas to Dried Tomatos, with a dash of Honey

As well as having the ingredients to a foodies heaven, B.U Organics also had a variety of prepared foods available; from every type of lamb dish, to the good ol’ guacamole and meat pies – B.U Organics provide a good pit stop for those on food guilt trips from the holiday season who need a little bit of help in the new year.

B.U Organics also sells large, deliciously refreshing coconuts, which I can say from experience, made at least 5 staff members from the Apple store around the corner very jealous!

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