Luxe Bar and Moochi

Harbour Room, Westfield Bondi Junction
500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022

Luxe Bar has one of the prime spots in Westfield Bondi Junction: they are the ones you see before and after catching a movie and thus tempt you with a bottle of this or a plate of that, each and every time. Hearing great stories about their famous burgers, I thought it was time for me to go gourmet and order what sounded like the most delicious (and upperclass) burger that they had: the Truffle Burger.

This delicacy of mine consisted of a grass fed all-beef patty, grilled mushroom, rocket, parmesan and truffle mayo, with a side of chips and a lime sucking Corona.

Being tech savvy and all, my order was calculated on an iPad and I was then told go behind the shop itself where a communal table was attached to the bar. I’m not sure how, but somehow sitting at that table, even though it was in the middle of a busy food court, provided a sense of serenity and anticipation, as I watched salads get made and sandwiches be grilled.

Truffle Burger

As I got absorbed into the Luxe atmosphere, my truffle cow came out and it was time to explore my meal. At first, I thought it was a little small and slightly burned, but as I took a bite, those feeling soon diminished. The bun was crisp, not burnt, the mushrooms were grilled to perfection, the patty was juicy but not so much that I needed to wear a bib and the cheese, oh the parmesan cheese, brought the entire meal home with its dry texture and the strong flavour that it created when mixed with the truffle mayo.

I think what made the burger so good was that it didn’t try to be too fancy with a stack of ingredients, so often compensating for the lack of taste in burgers, nor did it seek to be the largest bun in town. It was just right.

Total cost for Burger, Chips and Corona: $20

Harbour Room, Westfield Bondi Junction
500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022

For dessert, I went to the newly opened Moochi, just across from Luxe Bar. Moochi sells natural frozen yogurt with toppings ranging from chocolate to rockmelon. Deciding that this is meant to be healthy after all, I went for the fresh fruit flavours rather than the more sweeter options available: watermelon yoghurt, lychee pieces and strawberry pearls.

Watermelon Frozen Yoghurt with Lychee and Strawberry Pearls

The combination was actually quite nice as there were no overpowering flavours: the watermelon yoghurt did indeed taste like watermelon, the lychee brought about a chewy texture and the strawberry pearls were quite some fun as they exploded in my mouth with every mouthful.

With summer already swimming at our beaches, the frozen yoghurts are once again popping up on every corner that has sand footsteps in Sydney so there is definitly no shortage of choice. However, even though this ‘healthy’ option is on the rise, it’s good to know that it’s there and that you don’t have to come home sticky with ice-cream every time you leave the house!

I had the Regular size which was $4.10 plus 2 toppings at 50cents each.

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