How to still be Stayin’ Alive in the Age of Apocalypses

The time has come to go to Vegas and visit the Heart Attack Grill Source: unica world

The funny thing about history is that no matter how long ago something happened, someone is sure to remember it centuries later. And so we have the Mayans, for example, mystics of the past – did they truly predict the end of the world, or did they simply run out of rock?

Here are 5 points you should remember to do prior to the next apocalypse:

  • Upload Photos: Whether it is onto Facebook or to an eBook, make sure that those photos from 5 years ago in Tahiti are safely uploaded to the internet, because we all know that once it’s online – it’s history.
  • Eat: And I don’t mean stock up on cans of tuna. Eat something truly unique, either at an expensive restaurant or that mud cake with chocolate icing, filling and rose that you have been eyeing for eternity, eat it; this way you will either be leaving planet earth with a satisfied belly or have ticked a box on your to do list.
  • Spoil Yourself: Buy something special, just for you. Make yourself happy … might as well!
  • Do Something Crazy: If bungee jumping is your thing then go for it, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a crazy dance in your bedroom, something that no one else has or will do: it’s your unique gift to the world.
  • Go on a Holiday: If you’re going to be engulfed in flames or have some other scary event happen to you, then you might as well be sitting on a beach drinking cocktails whilst it’s all happening.

See you on the beach!

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