The House of Chocolates

267 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW

The House of Chocolates is a small shop towards the end of Bondi Road that sits neatly on a strip of land shared by the cool cats of Bondi – The Flying Squirrel, The Health Emporium, The Stuffed Beaver and a tattoo shop. With it’s pink neon sign alight and an array of chocolate in the window enticing the sugar lovers to come in, this little love nest attracts it’s fair share of kittens too.

Not surprisingly, when I walked into the store the first sense that was activated was within my nose: the place naturally smelt of chocolate and it was good!

Shop Front - Yum!

Shop Front – Yum!

I then began my journey into candy land, exploring the different packaged chocolate and lollies from Australia and beyond, looking at ice-cream tubs whose names I was not familiar with and then finally coming back to the little queues of individual chocolates with names and shapes to entice the smallest of hearts.

I then had the truly awful task of having to pick the chocolates that I was going to buy… it wasn’t easy. But after a few back and forwards between the shop front and the goodness on the inside, I finally made my decisions which I must admit were partially based on what looked good as opposed to what may taste good. The cover does matter!

Here is my selection:

L-R: Mushroom Praline, Mango Penguin, Liqueur Stemmed Cherry, White Praline Golf Ball, Dark Ganache Strawberry Lips, Strawberry Fresh Cream Heart

Mushroom Praline: This rather simple piece of chocolate is very similar to Belgian chocolate such as Guylian. With a creamy mousse like texture, it’s hard to go wrong.

Mango Penguin: I must admit I’m not a big fan of mangos and only got this one because it looked cute, but it was actually very nice. The penguin was soft and sweet and tasted more like white chocolate, with a hint of mango and a tinge of bitterness at the end.

Liqueur Stemmed Cherry: No prizes for guessing that this one is alcoholic, however it definitely packed a punch! Otherwise, it is pretty much simple dark chocolate, although beware of the pip or you will be going to the dentist for two rounds of tooth decay!

White Praline Golf Ball: Similar to the mushroom, the golf ball had the dark and white chocolate mousse texture, although due to it’s size, the nuts were definitly more present and the filling was a lot richer – I was almost able to stretch it out with a lick of chocolate left standing after every bite.

Dark Ganache Strawberry Lips: This was by far the tastiest and most unique chocolate. The inside was nice and smooth whilst the lip shell had a very distinct, almost acidic, strawberry taste that made every bite unique and delicious.

Strawberry Fresh Cream Heart: Almost like a bite sized scone, without the scone bit, this chocolate had a strawberry sauce with cream that was soft and delicate – one for the lovers!

My tasty experience cost me a total of $14.70 and whilst I know that for that amount I could probably get two boxes of imported chocolate, there’s just something about being able to choose my pleasures that makes a trip to The House of Chocolates worth while!

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