NYE Fireworks at Bondi Beach

Although I’ve lived most of my Australian life in Bondi, I have never experienced a New Year’s celebration there, or at least not so close to the actual beach.

Having spent the previous 5 hours roaming from one park to another, with a pit stop at Oporto’s, my friend and I realised that New Year’s was a let down as always and at 20 minutes to midnight, it was time to go home.

Wanting to take one last stab at some form of excitement, I begged my friend to go past the beach on our way home. Coming from the north side, we first encountered various groups of rowdy teenagers who were throwing tantrums at unsuspecting sleeping cars. Walking quickly past them, our next friendly part goers were men who preferred to say Happy New Years whilst lifting up their shirts, as if to say that their message was coming from a higher place.

The next lot were those enjoying sitting in a local restaurant enjoying what seemed to be truly horrendous live music… but they seemed happy, perhaps due to being fed and not having to stand up all night.

As we walked past McDonald’s, we were once again rained upon with teenage sweat, but luckily the shower was quickly over as the lads and their mini skirts didn’t seem to leave the 2×2 square metre space outside Maccas.

Looking at my watch, I could see that it was almost midnight and the beats from Shore Thing, the annual New Year’s Eve concert at Bondi Beach, were getting louder.

With 1 minute to go, we decided to stop as we were in an open space that was optimal for firework watching.

Here are the results:

And so, with that, I start off my New Year doing something that I have never done before. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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