Charcoal Charlie’s

149 Bondi Rd Bondi NSW 2026

149 Bondi Road, Bondi, NSW

Charcoal Charlie’s. I think I’ve been coming back to this place for something like a decade and the only thing to have changed is the brand new addition of a coffee machine.

When I walked in today I received a very warm welcome that, dare I say, is quite unusual for a chicken shop. It wasn’t a ‘hello’ or a ‘what can I get for you’, it a sunny smile that made me feel like a worthy customer, not someone who was interrupting the proceedings of the day.

I motioned to happy the server that I was after a burger, which has it’s own stand at the back of the shop. I advised that I wanted a schnitzel burger and then proceeded ticking a piece of paper which lists the ingredients that I could have on my creation.

Here’s what I got:

Meat: Schnitzel

Sauce: Tomato, Mayo, Hot Chilli (Portugese style)

Salad: Tomato, Lettuce, Pineapple, Pickles and Cheese

For the purposes of this exercise, I also ticked the combo box which consists of small (NOT) chips and a can of soft drink.

I told the lady that I would be back in 5 and crossed the road to buy some fresh bread and lychees. 6 minutes later my order is waiting at the counter and I pay $12.50 (Burger-$7.50 + Combo-$5).

Having come home and prettily arranged my meal, it was time to dig in!

My Schnitzel Burger Meal

My Schnitzel Burger Meal

The Mountain of Chips from the Top

The Mountain of Chips from the Top

I’ll start with the easy part: the chips. I’m pretty sure that this is the most amount of chips that you will get in any meal. The salty, crispy french fries can most definitely be a meal of they’re own and I most certainly would never recommend upsizing, even when sharing, as I’m almost positive that the serving is triple what you would normally get.

Now the burger bit. The first step is the schnitzel. As Charcoal Charlie’s is a chicken shop, you know the chick is fresh. The salad is not soggy and the bread melts beneath your fingers. Eating this beauty is not a pretty sight as the delicious sauce pours down your fingers, with the Hot Chilli adding an extra kick to each bite. The cheese is just the right flavour to complement the chicken and the pickles and pineapple give the burger a juicy texture.

I finish the burger with a huff and a puff and leave half the chips for the next contender – they are seriously big!

Once again, Charcoal Charlie’s does not disappoint and I will happily vote for it as the best chicken shop in Bondi, so make sure you stop on by when you crave something salty and something juicy and a cow is not the answer to your feeling.

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