Still Here

Well it’s Christmas and I was hoping to have a bit of snow around me by now … however all I have is the Sydney rain.

The Police Check was approved about 5 days after I had sent it off. It took another 5 days for Australia Post to deliver it.

I then quickly sent off my application form to the Canadian Consulate and got an email about a week later (yes, ‘Express Post’ was used) saying that they had received it. This was on the 20th of November.

On the bright side…………..

As I was celebrating my last day at work, eating a final sandwich and checking Facebook one last time during working hours, I received a phone call saying that an Australian travel industry online  publication would like me to come on board for an internship!

I had only applied the day earlier and was going to use it to kill some time/ motivate me to write whilst I’m still in Sydney, however it’s looking to be a fantastic opportunity and who knows where it will lead.

To see see my work at eTravel Blackboard, click on the ‘Published Posts’ category.

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