Sky High New Year’s Eve Entertainment

First view of the New Year

First view of the New Year

The rivalry between Aussies and Kiwis has always been present, so it must be a sense of impending doom (the world is going to end on 21 December, remember!) that has caused travellers to pick their choice of in flight performers from the other side of the Tasman.

A Skyscanner study found that most Aussies would like to party with New Zealand’s musical comedy duo, Flight of the Conchords, at 35,000 feet, whilst the Kiwi’s chose Kylie Minogue as their midair entertainment.

The Aussies were a little more patriotic with their second choice being Keith Urban and Kylie coming in third, whilst the Kiwis flew further away, choosing Coldplay and finally Rihanna to round off their pop extravaganza.

Surprisingly, Psy and Lady Gaga did not make the flight.

Skyscanner also found that 57 percent of travellers would like to experience a New Year’s Eve in the sky at least once in their lifetime, whilst six percent have already been lucky enough to do so.

A third of travellers would like to enhance their sky high party experience by dancing in the air with live music.

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