Prezzie Wish List

Discovering the world one gift at a time

Discovering the World One Gift at a Time

As a soon to be adventurer all I want for Christmas is … a gift voucher. I know it’s a little bland and gives away how much each niece and nephew is worth, but for me I would much rather see an envelope sitting under the green than a big box of something that my someone, whom I haven’t seen for some time, has given me, and I now need to put somewhere.

Whilst these special someone’s may know exactly what my kind may need on said adventure, the truth of the matter is that I may already have that something or may in fact not need it – as important as it was in the 80’s to have on person at all times.

To me, the most important gift is choice and not to simply be bombarded with wrapping paper and ribbon. Give me travel shop vouchers, shopping centre gift cards, worse (or best) case scenario – some plastic from Visa or Mastercard: trust me, I’ll know what to do with!

Click here to see my wish list on eTravel Blackboard.

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