How to travel the Silly Season stress-free

For some families, travelling together is about doing EVERYTHING together

For some families, travelling together is about doing EVERYTHING together

Travel is fantastic: you do something new, see something different, and you can eat (or meet) something (or someone) weird. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the best out of your next trip whether you’re travelling with friends, kids or (cue scary music) the in-laws.

The Cast
This is the first ingredient to the perfect holiday. We can’t choose our families, but we can  choose if we want to travel with them (hopefully). If doomed to travel with someone who will make your skin crawl or eye twitch then make sure you’ve got an ally.

If travelling with friends, make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to budgets and chores, otherwise, once the holiday is over, so may be some of the friendships.
Once the cast is ready, activities and other plans should be easier to coordinate.

The Location
Something old, something new, that is up to you! Going to a place that several people have already been to can cement both the connection that you have with the place as well as the one that you have with each other. Memories will be shared and new ones will be created.

Going somewhere new is a little harder as everyone is wide eyed and the lack of familiarity can cause chaos in the ‘decision corner’, however this chaos can bring some adventure to the trip and you may forge new bonds.

The Set
Unless your holiday home is more of a pit stop than a home away from home, the most important place should be the living room. Essentially the size of the living room will determine how many people can sit around chatting to each other and whether putting on a ‘holiday variety show’ is a possibility. This is the place that the day will be recounted in and stories will be shared so make sure that the living room is not too cramped.

The Action
Activities can also be split into two: choose something that everyone can enjoy or organise intimate activities that allow select members to share in something unique to their interests. Allow for the unexpected to occur as that is what will make this trip truly memorable and never underestimate what people are willing to do when they leave the suburbs – you might see mum dangling off the zip line whilst you end up being the bag holder!

The Catering
Every trip will always have a designated cook, whether it is by choice or by habit, so why not throw a wooden spoon in the boiling broth and get everyone involved in the dinner making process. Helping out is a great way to bond and relieve the cook from their usual duties and after all, learning something new, seeing something different and eating something weird is part of the plan, right?

The Star
This is you. Make sure that some “me” time takes the stage during the trip as that will not only relax and rejuvenate you, but also allow you to enjoy the time away and realise how important the other members of your trip are.

Happy Travels!

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