How to go from a Couch Potato to a Mountain Spud

Coincidentally enough, this man, Ronni, was actually our guide on the trek! Although I only noticed this about 3 months later

Looking at this page, you are probably seeing pretty pictures set in the background of inspiring words; you’ll be mentally adding things to your bucket list rather then the check-out basket, as you continue browsing in the hopes that ‘one day’ you will be able to see the sights displayed.

But what if you could see them now?
A few less red wines on the weekends, a chat with your boss and a YES attitude is all that it takes to get you on a plane to your dream destination. Why not also challenge yourself and go on a tour where you will be able to say that you have achieved something at the end of it? I, for one, am going to climb a mountain!

After several years of yearning to go to Europe, I realised that time and money were restricting me. My determination to go nowhere else but Europe first, has made the only landing in my life be on the couch.

Then I woke up and said – I want to climb the Inca Trail! I enjoy walking and the photographic opportunities would be endless. Most importantly it doesn’t take a year worth of saving (holiday leave or pay cheques) to make this idea a reality.

Getting ready
Couch sitting, however, has taken a toll on my unused body and the trip seems so long away (a whole year from the idea’s inception). So I thought I’d add on another part to my newfound adventurous spirit and go on a trip to Sabah to climb Mt Kinabalu in two months!

The thought process was this: the altitude is less, but definitely enough to give me a taste of Peru. The climb will allow me to put into practise all those stairs that I have been attempting to climb and most importantly I get to travel soon.

Watching everything from ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ to people puffing away on their climbs up mountains on YouTube and buying gear that I never thought I’d need to booking a photography class, I now feel some form of fulfilment, something that I haven’t really experienced in my life.

The good bits
So apart from the obvious, what are the benefits of taking a challenging adventure in the middle of your busy life? Here’s a few:

  • Exercise is a must. You have no choice. You are now literally forced to train so that you can prepare yourself physically for the task ahead. Your body likes you.
  • Eating less. Drinking alcohol less. Quitting smoking and anything else that you may be putting into your body that is otherwise not ‘kosher’. Essentially keeping your body as healthy as possible as this will help with survival on a difficult trip. Your body is now sending you flowers.
  • It is said that people who book their holidays in advance work better at their jobs as they know that they have a break coming up and have something to look forward to. Your brain is saying thank you for the flowers and making you feel happy.
  • The support that you get from places such as twitter when you say you’re working hard to achieve your travel dreams is amazing. Self-esteem has officially climbed its own mountain and the altitude is high.

So do yourself a favour and book now. All you have to do is say…yes!

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