Why hello there -30 degrees C

I don’t like working.

This is coming from a person who has a full-time job, a casual job and class three nights a week, so I better be a little bit more specific.

I don’t like sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day, counting the minutes until I can move onto the next desk to sit behind and count the minutes away.

It does not make sense to me to hate my life for a good 12 hours a day, sleep for 8 and take public transport for 2. If your maths sucks that leaves only 2 hours a day where I have the opportunity to not be bored. Unfortunately, I think that most people can relate to that time schedule which makes me wonder – why on earth are so many people willing to stay unhappy?

Here is where the answer lies. In life you have the following options: career, family or you. Some people choose to work heaps everyday and build up their piggy bank with not much time to spend it. Their satisfaction in life comes from knowing that they have achieved career goals. Then there are the family people. They don’t care about their jobs, their friends, anything really, so long as they get to spend time with their partner and eventually kids etc. I am including in this category the people that ditch their friends for every boy/girlfriend they have until they find the ‘one’, at which time they officially become disconnected with the world.

Finally there are the ‘Me’ people. The Me people come in two shapes: the lazy and the stupid. The lazy are just that – they don’t care about what goes on around them, take life as it comes and have no real objective. It’s a simple life. Satisfactory for some. Boring for others.

I’d like to put myself in the stupid category: us stupid people run around like we’re on fire. Not knowing what to do, where to go, how to get there once we know, but knowing that sitting here is not going to make us happy. We are on an eternal search for this happiness and give up a lot of the above. We give up careers, friends and family, simplicity… sounding stupid yet? If you said yes, then I respond to you with: “I may not have a career, a friend by my side everyday of the week or have the luxury of of just doing ‘whatever’, but I am happy because I am doing something that doesn’t involve sitting behind a desk everyday and staring at the clock… my life isn’t ticking away, I’m ticking with it and seeing the world”.

Herein lies the difference between the lazy and the stupid: the stupid consciously decide to not have a career and that is the most difficult decision that one can make. There’s no fantasy of ‘one day maybe’ or ‘I know I can if I just got up’, there’s only ‘I don’t want to have a career because life’s too short to feel like shit 22 hours a day’.

And so after 500 words of waffling about life, I come to the point of this blog. This is a journey of stepping aboard the ‘do something’ train and the first stop is CANADA. I will document how I get information and visas, how I find work and where I will sleep every night.

In order to make things a little interesting, I hope to spend a month in each region of Canada, getting involved in some of it’s most iconic features. From the Calgary Stampede, to the Rocky Mountaineer and Cirque du Soleil, I hope to be able to work at such places so as to enhance my Canadian experience as well as making it a hell of a lot more funner than just working as a cashier for 12 months.

Follow me on my journey through life (well Canada) and please feel free to contact me if you know of a good place to go or better yet feel like hiring me 🙂

But first thing’s first: Visa!

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