Canadian Visa

Being a young Australian lass, to obtain a Canadian Visa, I have gone to this site: 

Read the info, I’m choosing the Step by Step Application Guide (yes I’m doing such as I write).

Then I clicked on ‘Online Application’ and entered my Gmail account as Hotmail seems to not be their choice of communication (we don’t want to piss anyone off before we even get there do we…)

I will also need to get my passport photos done, scan my passport and get a cheque from the bank to pay my fee, which I will do once I get my police check form back.

Since I want a working holiday, I am skipping to section 2 now.

I now have to filled out the CIC form but my Mac seems to not like it so I’m upgrading Adobe. If this doesn’t work I may have to borrow another computer…. Nope didn’t work! damn you Mac sometimes!!

OK forms will be done in a sec… need to get the AFP crime check to prove that I am a good person…. (no need for the traffic report as I am from NSW). SHIT!!! It takes 15-30 days for them to complete the check + 8 weeks for the Visa to be processed 😦

The online application is really simple – name, DOB, other names, postal address – also when you began living at that address…

Also on the website it says to enter ’35’ as the reason for this application – this didn’t actually come up for me, I just clicked ‘Overseas Employment/Visa’ and it was automatically 35 in the email that they sent back.

The email that they have to send you back doesn’t seem to be instantaneous, about 2 min wait so don’t freak out (says I to myself).

To get the 100 points of verification for the NPC is really easy: passport + drivers licence = 110 points


Alright I’m back from filling out the other two forms – took like an hour or so with all the scanning and such + emailed the NPC documents off to the people that can make this happen 🙂

Hopefully it won’t take longer than two weeks, in the mean time I will do some research using my new Lonley Planet – Canada as well as anything else I find on the net.

I shall also set up a twitter account and try and figure out how to make this page pretty, as well as find some local Candian places in Sydney to get me in the mood. So far I have the Stuffed Beaver on Bondi Rd in mind… any others??

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